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We have answered the most frequently asked questions about Biocannovea for you.
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1. What distinguishes BIOCANNOVEA vitamins and vital substances from the products of other manufacturers (oils, capsules, etc.)?

Due to the micellisation process, all fat-soluble vitamins and vital substances are made water-soluble and thus have a significantly higher bioavailability.

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This means that the body can absorb more of the active substance because it is “more readily available for absorption in the body”. We are talking here about well over 90 %. Of conventional fat-soluble vitamins and vital substances, the body can only absorb between 4 % and 20 %, depending on the substance. The rest is excreted.

3. What is micelling?

Fat-soluble vitamins and vital substances must be micellated – that is made water-soluble – by the body before they can be absorbed by the cells.
The micellation process normally takes place in the body and lasts much longer than the natural elimination process, which is why only a fraction of the vital substances can be absorbed. BIOCANNOVEA vitamins and vital substances are already micellated, which is why the micellation process is not necessary and more than 90 % can be absorbed directly.

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No, the “E-numbers” in our products are natural additives that are needed for the process of micelling.
The “E-number” is just another name for food additives that are approved in the EU – the “E” in “E-number” stands for Europe.

5. How much THC is in BIOCANNOVEA CBD and is it legal?

Yes, of course it is legal and can be sold freely. BIOCANNOVEA CBD is obtained from approved commercial hemp and contains only small traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC < 0.2%). These varieties (and our CBD) are therefore not subject to the Narcotic Substances Act.

6. How should BIOCANNOVEA CBD be used?

According to Ages (Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety), products containing CBD do not fall into the category of “nutritional supplement”. Therefore, as a manufacturer, we are not allowed to give a specific recommendation for use.

7. Can different Biocannovea products be taken at the same time?

Yes, you can take different Biocannovea products at the same time. We are not aware of any interactions.

8. Can I still drive after taking your CBD?

The answer to this is clearly yes. Our CBD is a legal plant substance. Although it is also extracted from the cannabis plant like THC, it does not have remotely the same effect on the body. There is no intoxication after taking CBD. It does not make you “high” or lead to the other effects in the body known from THC. With THC, on the other hand, a driving ban is of course justified because of the psychoactive effects.

The driving licence is therefore not in danger if CBD is consumed – even over a longer period of time. It does not matter in which dosage or with which percentage. The CBD products commercially available in Austria and Germany have no proven side effects in the organism and therefore do not affect reactions and condition in road traffic. Likewise, it is not important at what age the consumer is or whether the driving licence is still in the probationary period.

9. Can I give your products to my children?

Yes, our products are of course also suitable for children. However, the dosage should be adjusted according to age and weight. All the best!

10. Are your products also suitable for animals?

Yes, we have had very good experiences with our CBD and our Curcumin in dogs and horses and they were tolerated very well without any restrictions.

Note CBD for cats:
However, caution is advised if you want to give your cat CBD products that are not specifically made for animals. Cats cannot tolerate terpenes. They cannot metabolise them and terpene poisoning in cats can, in the worst case, lead to the death of the animal. Special CBD products for cats do not contain these substances. Therefore, you should definitely watch out for special cat CBD products when buying. Biocannovea does not currently carry a CBD product for cats. Our CBDRYL is a full spectrum product and contains terpenes and is therefore not suitable for cats!

Note CBD for dogs:

  • There are certain breeds of dogs that have an MDR1 genetic defect. These must NOT be given CBD.
  • In this defect, a certain protein is missing, which is an important component of the blood-brain barrier and ensures that certain substances cannot penetrate into the brain. Since CBD passes through the blood-brain barrier, it can lead to severe poisoning, etc.
  • Whether this defect is present can be determined by a blood test.

As a general rule, caution is advised with nutritional supplements for people that are administered to animals: many nutritional supplements for people contain an emulator to which animals can react allergically.
This is not the case with the Biocannovea products, they are suitable for both people and animals. Please pay attention to the dosage. Adjust it to the individual weight of your animal. For horses, it may of course be a little more 🙂

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