The future of bioavailability

Highest effect in the body

Biocannovea products are an absolute novelty on the health and nutritional supplement market.

Unique process
The micellation process used in the manufacture of our products is a unique, natural method of making fat-soluble substances and vitamins water-soluble. This allows the body to absorb a significantly higher amount of the active substance into the cells.

Highest bioavailability
This process enables a bioavailability of at least 90 %, which has never been achieved before. The average value for fat-soluble substances is between 4 – 20 %. Thus, depending on the vital substance, Biocannovea products can be absorbed by the body at least 5 to 20 times better than conventional nutritional supplements.

Easy dosage
Biocannovea products are easy to dose thanks to the practical and safe pipette bottles. This means that the active substances can be dripped into water, juice, tea or any other drink and drunk.

Natural production
All vitamins and vital substances are of natural origin, GMO-free and without synthetic additives. All raw materials used are of the highest tested quality. Biocannovea products are produced in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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The benefits at a glance

Biocannovea – wasserlöslich

5 to 20-fold effect due to water solubilityt

Biocannovea – patentiertes Verfahren

The unique process makes fat-soluble vitamins and vital substances water-soluble and highly stable

Biocannovea – höchste Rohstoffgüte

Highest raw material quality – products made in Switzerland, Germany and Austria

Biocannovea – Nur natürliche Zutaten

Exclusively natural ingredients, without synthetic ingredients

Biocannovea – Vegan

Vegan, GMO-free and completely without preservatives

Biocannovea – Versandkostenfrei

Free shipping costs to Germany and Austria from € 50.00 order value

The future of bioavailability

How does water solubility work and what benefits does it bring?
BIOCANNOVEA and the principle of the highly available active substances explained in a short film:

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