"Health is man's highest good" - no proverb could better express the guiding principle of our BIOCANNOVEA corporate philosophy!

In 2018, a serious case of illness within the family made the BIOCANNOVEA team aware that happiness in life cannot work without health. Initial research in the areas of medicinal cannabis and highly available nutritional supplements showed where our path should lead. Health, as the core theme and guiding principle of our company, offers us as a team a unique opportunity in our work to achieve something and to make a difference. Under this premise, we have been working continuously ever since to improve existing technological processes and to make room for innovative health-promoting approaches in the expansion of our business fields. Thus, above all, the preventive and holistic idea in our corporate philosophy represents a concern that deserves our full attention, because our vision of health – as an individually complex and, above all, holistically conceived good – must mean more for every single person than just the absence of illness.

Taking responsibility for one’s own health means, in addition to sufficient exercise and predominantly herbal eating habits, enabling the body to function optimally, recognising and analysing individual deficiencies at an early stage and subsequently providing highly effective support – so that illness and influences that are harmful to health are not provided with a target.

Produkte von Biocannovea

The BIOCANNOVEA corporate concept is supported by the two pillars of analysis and vital substances.

With our range of services in the area of analysis we give our clients the chance to take responsibility for maintaining and promoting their own health. With our versatile range of micro nutrients and stress screening tests, we give our clients the tools to transparently identify individual nutrient deficits, food intolerances and environmental pollution. All test kits can be carried out both on your own – from the comfort of your own home – and at our BIOCANNOVEA Immune Analysis and Nutrient Centre .

The evaluation takes place in a renowned laboratory of our certified cooperation partners and is available to our clients on-line in the shortest possible time. Based on detailed analyses, a team of medical experts creates an individual complementary medical therapy concept for each client, which includes nutrient and nutritional recommendations for the individual state of health and helps the organism self-regulate to regain full performance.

Through our integrative, holistic concept we offer our clients the possibility to primarily recognise the causes of deficit developments of the organism instead of merely treating symptoms. In this way, we can ensure that the intake of vital substances and nutritional supplements is used exactly where they are needed to support the organism in its multi-layered functional processes in the best possible way.

Our product range in the area of vital substances now features a broad range of essential vitamins and nutrients that also support the healthy organism on a holistic level, optimally supplying it with nutrients and subsequently ensuring natural well-being on a physical and mental level.

BIOCANNOVEA products are an absolute novelty on the existing health and nutritional supplement market, as they pass through our patented micellation process during the manufacturing process. This is the only way that nutrients and vital substances, which are primarily fat-soluble, can be converted into water-soluble form and stabilised so that the human organism has barrier-free access to the active substances supplied.

Our patented micellation process is based on a natural method that is used in all BIOCANNOVEA products without the addition of synthetic ingredients. The absorption of the active ingredient, which amounts to about 3 – 5 % in commercially available preparations, can be increased to an efficiency of almost 100 % by our method.

Our range of analytical tools and vital substances is subject to ongoing development processes and is constantly being expanded.

In order to offer BIOCANNOVEA clients the best possible, holistically coordinated range of services that provide individual and custom-fit solutions for a noticeable increase in health and well-being, we also provide our clients in our BIOCANNOVEA Vitalshops and our BIOCANNOVEA Immune Analysis and Nutrient Centre with a selected assortment of nutritional supplements and vital substances from other renowned manufacturers in addition to the patented BIOCANNOVEA products, who of course share our corporate principles and enjoy our complete trust.

Biocannovea - Products for the whole family

The Biocannovea Team

Dr. Runa Rahman

Doctor of Internal Medicine, longevity expert

Dr. Tina Lindemann

General Practitioner, Focus on functional Mind & Body Medicine

Mag. Eva Nevinova

Psycho-neuro immunologist, Nutritionist

Martin Krupitza

Expert in functional medicine & longevity research

Sabrina Sander

Administrative management

Monika Hettegger

Medical office assistant

Lirie Jashari

Medical office assistant

Miriam Rehokova

Certified nurse

Reinhard Ruf

Technical management, production manager and product development/biochemist

Fabian Thum
Fabian Thum


Helmut La

Management, marketing

How Biocannovea works

How does water solubility work and what benefits does it bring?
BIOCANNOVEA and the principle of the highly available active substances explained in a short film:

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