Product development

Have our products and our concept aroused your interest?
Do you already have a clear idea for a marketable product in mind and an idea about target groups and sales areas?
You want to launch a high-quality product on the market and need our know-how to do so?
You would like to use our technological infrastructures for your idea?

We provide you with the complete internal BIOCANNOVEA structures - so that your ideas can develop from theoretical constructs into unique products. If required, we can take over all the necessary agendas from the conception and development of the products to production, filling, packaging (development/production) and warehousing.

Our success story is based on two fundamental components:
the development of high-quality products in the field of nutritional supplements coupled with revolutionary technology.

Along our in-house structures, BIOCANNOVEA can not only offer your project white label solutions for market-ready products, but also develop completely new formulations for your product idea. All the necessary tests that ultimately certify the marketability of a finished product are carried out by us in a renowned, certified laboratory on request.

Why your ideas are in good hands with BIOCANNOVEA:

BIOCANNOVEA represents an absolute novelty in the health and nutritional supplement sector with its wide range of premium quality active substance preparations. The term nutritional supplements is usually used to describe all those products that contribute to the increased supply of the human metabolism with certain nutrients or active substances.

As supplements that compensate for existing deficits in the regular food intake and supply the body with necessary vital and active substances, they are located in a borderline area between food and medicinal products. Our expertise is based on years of experience in product development and the manufacture of premium nutritional supplements. You too can benefit from our expertise.

ORF report about Biocannovea

With our revolutionary technology, the micellation process, we have succeeded in stabilising primarily fat-soluble and less stable substances and transferring them to the water-soluble level. Using this method, nutrients are naturally processed at highest bioavailability in such a way that the efficiency of the vital substances is increased many times over compared to commercially available preparations. As a result, essential nutrients can be absorbed more efficiently by the human organism.

With this knowledge and the unique technology, BIOCANNOVEA not only stands for high-quality premium products that have the highest bioavailability of valuable micro nutrients, but also makes a significant contribution to an individual and holistic concept of health. Take advantage of our innovative technological infrastructure, to position your product in the best possible way on the market.

With our expertise in product development and our highly developed technology, you will benefit from our experience in your project – from the idea to the final product.

Let’s bring your project to life together. We look forward to getting to know you and to exciting challenges. 

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