Europe's first holistic immune analysis and nutrient centre

Focus on the immune system

The BIOCANNOVEA Immune Analysis Centre is Europe’s first holistic refuge where the human immune system is the focus of all functional processes of the organism. In our centre we screen all supporting and maintaining parameters relevant for the immune system, such as micro nutrients, functionality of the intestinal microbiome, ATP balance of the mitochondria as well as all variables that can be determined by bioimpedance. In order to create an individual holistic health index of the immune system, immune-blocking influences such as environmental poisons, toxins, microbes, inflammatory foci as well as the specific neurostress load are determined through detailed analyses in order to identify and subsequently balance existing imbalances in the sense of functional medicine.

Medical diagnostics

BIOCANNOVEA works on the basis of the scientifically latest and most innovative state of the art in medical diagnostics. Our concern is to create complementary medical therapy plans for integrative balancing in order to support and maintain the functional processes of the organism in the long term by means of an intact immune system.

Based on the two pillars of immune analyses and nutrients, we provide our clients with direct access to a self-determined and holistic understanding of a complementary medicine health system offer. The holistic range of services not only represents our greatest competitive strength, but also positions an innovative concept in the currently booming health care market, which gives BIOCANNOVEA the unrivalled unique position in the European market. At the Vienna location, we can offer clients the complete BIOCANNOVEA range of services of the immune analysis and nutrients pillars – on site and with full service – so that health of the complete human organism and psyche takes place under one roof.

The body in balance

Our range of services along our integrative BIOCANNOVEA health concept is aimed at all those who would like to improve their state of health individually and purposefully and bring existing deficits, deficiencies and imbalances back into balance, which is the starting point of a healthy, human body.

With our corporate pillar “Immune Analyses”, we position a solution-oriented, holistic, integrative health offer that primarily records the individual state of health through precise analyses and subsequently enables the creation of an individual, complementary medical therapy concept.

Produkte von Biocannovea



Nutrient deficits, environmental pollution and food intolerances impair individual well-being and consequently reduce performance and quality of life. Considering the holistic health approach, we understand that the function of our organism consists of interlinked functional sequences and processes that influence and condition each other. Thus, when impairments occur, pure symptom treatment rarely leads to long-term success if the underlying cause remains undiscovered. In order for the body and immune system to be supported in the best possible way by nutrients, it is essential to identify existing deficiencies, intolerances and stresses with the help of state-of-the-art screening tools and precise laboratory diagnostics.

With the holistic integrative analyses, BIOCANNOVEA provides all clients with reliable diagnostic screening methods to provide information about existing stresses in the entire organism. Our range of services in the field of “analysis” includes a wide assortment of reliable test procedures to clearly identify food intolerances, harmful environmental pollution and nutrient deficits.

The detailed laboratory-chemical analysis of the test result takes place in the certified BIOCANNOVEA partner laboratory, so that clients can promptly and immediately access their individual results on-line – evaluated and comprehensibly prepared by medical experts. Based on the test results, individually tailored nutritional and dietary supplement recommendations from the BIOCANNOVEA assortment are selected to restore the body’s own balance with health-promoting nutrients and to self-regulate immune processes.

Through our integrative analyses, we give all people the opportunity to screen their bodies holistically, in order to create perfectly coordinated, complementary medical therapy concepts on this basis.

Produkte von Biocannovea



Nutrients are widely regarded as those substances that contribute essentially to the smooth functioning of all body-relevant functions and stabilise them. As they are only produced to a small extent by the body itself, they have to be absorbed mainly through food. Although present in nature in a wide variety, it is usually not possible to ensure an optimal supply even through balanced eating habits. Conventional nutritional supplements can usually only slightly compensate for existing vital substance deficiencies, as inefficient micellation processes in the body prevent the conversion of fat-soluble substances into water-soluble substances and, as a result, nutrient absorption cannot take place.

BIOCANNOVEA demonstrably stands for highly effective health and nutritional supplements and represents an absolute novelty on the international health and nutritional supplement market, as all products in the BIOCANNOVEA line already undergo the patented micellisation process during the manufacturing process. This process not only ensures unprecedented bioavailability, but also prepares the water solubility of the vital substances before they are actually taken, so that they can be absorbed by the body barrier-free in their full range of effects.

The support of the organism by the micellated nutrients demonstrably enables a highly effective vital substance absorption of over 90 % of the nutrient. The patented BIOCANNOVEA micellisation process is currently the only natural method to make fat-soluble substances and vital substances (e.g.: vitamins A, D, E, K) accessible to the organism on a water-soluble basis and to absorb a significantly higher concentration of the required active substance.

All products of the BIOCANNOVEA nutritional supplement segment are water-soluble and can be easily taken in according to the dosage recommendation with a pipette bottle in some liquid (water, juice or tea, etc.) and drunk independently of eating habits or times of day.


In line with our high quality standards, we refrain from using synthetic ingredients and carriers in the production process. All BIOCANNOVEA vitamins and vital substances are produced in a purely plant, gluten/lactose-free and vegan way and do not contain any preservatives, polysorbates or genetic engineering. All raw materials used are subject to the strictest quality controls, all vitamins and vital substances are of natural origin. BIOCANNOVEA develops and produces in Austria.


BIOCANNOVEA Immune Analysis and Nutrient Centre
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BIOCANNOVEA Immune Analysis and Nutrient Centre
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