Food supplementation for children

A nutrient deficiency in children can have serious consequences. Especially during growth, it is particularly important that the body gets everything it needs to grow big and strong and to develop well. It is essential to make sure that the intake is coordinated with your doctor.

Vitamin D3 deficiency. What really helps?

Vitamin D3 deficiency– what helps?

Over 60% of Germans and Austrians suffer from vitamin D3 deficiency. Tiredness, hair loss, concentration problems, sleep disorders, nervousness and headaches are just some of the symptoms associated with a deficiency. In our article we go into what vitamin D3 actually is, what it is good for and how you can increase your vitamin D3 level.

Biocannovea - for your well-being

Curcumin – versatile natural remedy

Turmeric owes its healing effect to the active ingredient curcumin, which is also responsible for the yellow colour of the root. It provides relief for a wide range of complaints, for example curcumin is anti-inflammatory, helps with pain, digestive problems or also complaints relating to the nervous system.

Vitamin B12 – an overview

Anyone who consumes less vitamin B12 than the body needs over a long period of time will sooner or later suffer from a deficiency.
Many serious symptoms can be the result. Since the vitamin is mainly found in animal foods such as meat, eggs and dairy products, people who eat a vegan or vegetarian diet – along with pregnant women – belong to the risk group.