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Rethink the vision of health and become part of the BIOCANNOVEA success story as a Franchise Partner.

Produkte von Biocannovea

Immune analysis and nutrients.

Europas einziger Franchiseanbieter für ganzheitliche Gesundheit

Keine medizinischen Vorkenntnisse notwendig aufgrund systematisierter Prozesse

Werden Sie Teil der Erfolgsgeschichte als BIOCANNOVEA Franchise-Partner

Increasing interest in health-conscious lifestyles has opened up a booming market worldwide that is subject to constant growth. Individual well-being with optimal performance is increasingly becoming the focus of individual life balance in all population and age groups and is gaining in importance.

BIOCANNOVEA’s innovative concept is based on a holistic understanding of health, in which a balanced immune system is the basis for health and individual well-being. With our range of services in the two product segments of immune analyses and vital substances, we provide clients with a tool to take personal responsibility for their individual health, to analyse the immune system and to bring it back into balance with a holistic therapy concept.

Produkte von Biocannovea

What sets BIOCANNOVEA apart?

BIOCANNOVEA is an innovative company whose health concept is supported by a broad product range in the two areas of immune analyses and vital substances in order to cover the needs of the globally increasing health awareness in all population groups. The Biocannovea product range provides all clients with the opportunity to analyse all functions of the immune system and bring them into balance with individual holistic therapy concepts.

With our franchise offer, we are addressing all potential BIOCANNOVEA partners who – regardless of their previous professional experience – are interested in and enthusiastic about our innovative concept and show an affinity for the health sector. BIOCANNOVEA provides you as a Franchise Partner with all the necessary structures and resources, so that medical expertise is not a prerequisite.


Analysis, support and maintenance of a functioning immune system and a holistically healthy organism.

Unsere Analyseverfahren überzeugen durch Effizienz und Innovation
Die Wirksamkeit der Tests ist durch klinische Studien belegt
Wir bieten alle für den menschlichen Organismus essentiellen Vitamine und Vitalstoffe mit höchster Bioverfügbarkeit sowie Analysetools in herausragender Qualität
Durch das patentierte Mizellierungsverfahren genießen Sie Exklusivität auf Nahrungsergänzungsmittel, die rasch im Körper integriert und leicht verstoffwechselt werden können.
Es sind keine medizinischen Grundkenntnisse erforderlich, trotz professionell medizinischem Konzept.

Why BIOCANNOVEA is revolutionising the existing market?

The holistic range of services not only represents our greatest competitive strength, but also positions an innovative concept in the currently booming health care market, which gives BIOCANNOVEA the unrivalled unique position in the European market. With our product range in the two areas of immune analyses and vital substances, we not only provide an optimally coordinated spectrum of highly effective nutritional supplements and active substances, but also offer our clients the corresponding diagnostics with precise analysis procedures. Any deficits in the immune system are thus reliably identified and make it possible to find individual and, above all, precisely fitting solutions as a therapy concept.

The BIOCANNOVEA concept in brief

With the two product areas of immune analyses and vital substances, BIOCANNOVEA covers a range of products that gives everyone the opportunity to screen and individually strengthen the immune system. In each of the two concept pillars, we offer a broad spectrum of high-quality products that, when coordinated with each other, demonstrably contribute to stabilising and improving the individual’s state of health.

With the range of services in the field of immune analyses, clients are provided with a solution-oriented, integrative health offer in addition to the BIOCANNOVEA vital substance range, which primarily records the individual state of health through precise analysis and subsequently enables the creation of an individual, complementary medical therapy concept.

With the business cornerstone vital substances, we offer a broad range of highly bioavailable vital substances to bring the body’s own immune forces into balance, to strengthen immune-relevant functions and to develop an intact defence against harmful influences.

Become part of the success story as a BIOCANNOVEA franchisee

In order to continue to grow healthily, we need you as a future Franchise Partner. BIOCANNOVEA provides you with all the necessary structures and resources so that medical expertise is not a prerequisite.

Sie erkennen unabhängig von Ihrer beruflichen Vorerfahrung das Potenzial unseres Konzepts und wollen die Vision von einem ganzheitlichen Gesundheitskonzept zu Ihrer beruflichen Profession werden lassen?
Der Bereich Gesundheit stellt in Ihrer Lebensphilosophie womöglich schon ein zentrales Thema dar?
Sie suchen nach zukunftsorientierter Selbstständigkeit, in der Sie größtmögliche Unterstützung im Bereich Unternehmensführung/Marketing erhalten und medizinische Vorkenntnisse nicht vorausgesetzt werden?

BIOCANNOVEA already has a successful, system-based sales force with a high level of client satisfaction. Regardless of which licensing model our Franchise Partners choose, it is important to us in our corporate philosophy to maintain our usual high standards of service orientation.

In order for you to also become a successful BIOCANNOVEA partner, we offer you the following alternative options:

Franchise model 1

Distribution licence

Franchisees receive an exclusive distribution licence from BIOCANNOVEA for the distribution of innovative analytical self-tests and highly bioavailable active substances in a defined distribution area (small licence package).

Franchise model 2

Distribution licence + one/several Vitalshop(s)

Franchisees receive the exclusive distribution licence for a clearly defined territory from BIOCANNOVEA and take over fully designed, turnkey shop models for opening one/several Vitalshops in the respective licence area (large licence area).

Franchise model 3

Distribution licence + one/several Vitalshop(s) + Analysis centre

Franchisees receive the exclusive distribution licence for a clearly defined territory from BIOCANNOVEA and take over the management of a fully designed, turnkey immune analysis and nutrient centre in the respective licence territory (large licence package + analysis centre).

Regardless of the franchise model chosen, all franchisees receive personal support from the expertise of the entire BIOCANNOVEA team and benefit from our experience.

Produkte von Biocannovea

Our range of services for Franchise Partners at a glance

Faire Gestaltung von Franchiseverträgen für eine solide Basis einer zukunftsorientierten Zusammenarbeit
Fertige Servicestrukturen (konzipierte Shop-Modelle, innovatives Labordiagnostiksystem, Website, Geschäftsraumgestaltung, etc.)
Erfolgreicher, systemeigener Vertrieb mit hoher Kundenzufriedenheit – Serviceorientierung in Unternehmensphilosophie verankert
Support during company set-up and operation:
- Through the expertise of the entire BIOCANNOVEA marketing team (website, advertising presence, monitoring, shop planning, ...)

- Mentoring by our experienced experts in the field of business management (preparation of business plans, organisation of bank meetings, use of management tools, ...)

-Medical experts from the BIOCANNOVEA expert pool for queries/detailed information (no previous medical experience of their own necessary - but an affinity with health would be a benefit)

- Individual further development (training courses, monitoring, training to become a micro nutrient expert, ...)

With our fully conceived three-part franchise system, we want to show future franchisees that a fair structuring of franchise agreements is important to us at BIOCANNOVEA and already provides a solid basis in advance for a future-oriented and appreciative cooperation. In line with our corporate philosophy, we want to grow together with our franchisees as partners and keep possible economic risks as low as possible.

In accordance with our corporate philosophy, we want to continue to grow together with our franchisees as partners and keep possible economic risks as low as possible, as well as work to ensure that BIOCANNOVEA remains the “number 1” brand in the area of health and well-being for existing clients and subsequently also inspire new clients with this vision.

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